Working as the Business Manager for Alpine County School District, I have had the pleasure of working with the Aspen Street Architects during the last six months. I relied on their knowledge and experience in assessing school facilities and estimating construction costs in order to produce long-term goals for District improvements.
Their background with school construction is very useful. They listened to our needs for functional changes and improvements and were able to provide guidance for our future use of facilities. They were also able to collect background data from State agencies and engineering consultants to help us understand the deficiencies that we need to address. Their experience with similar school projects in our region is also a plus. Using their services, we now have a more accurate understanding of the anticipated costs and potential complications that we might experience when bidding and building in our local area of California.
We are happy to recommend Aspen Street Architects for professional design services.
It is with pleasure that we recommend Aspen Street Architects, Inc. (ASAI). As Architects of Record on several recent projects at Trinity Hospital, ASAI has been a major factor in our successful completion of those projects.
A major strength of ASAI is their willingness to provide professional architectural and engineering service got projects as little as minor rehabilitation, to service line development and attendant design, engineering, agency approval and construction observation. The many years of ASAI working with the Department of State Architects (DSA), the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), local planning departments and community agencies, makes ASAI particularly well situated for our rural projects. Their knowledge of advanced technologies and capabilities of designing offers community an affordable means to achieve our most desired goals got improving our rural communities' quality of life.
The staff at ASAI are always professional, polite and eager to help resolve an issues which may arise.
During our most recent projects, we have encountered many challenges. ASAI has always risen to the occasion, whether it required timely site visits or guiding us through the project approval process, the staff remained close to all projects and very accessible.
I look forward to continuing our relationship with ASAI as we continue to move forward with our other construction projects currently in progress.
Soulsbyville School District has enjoyed a professional relationship with this architect firm for the past several years. Our school district just completed a bus barn project necessitating varied amounts of communication with Aspen Street Architect. The staff as ASAI is always professional, polite and eager to help resolve any issues which may arise.
As with any construction project we encountered some challenges. ASAI always rose to the occasion, whether it required timely site visits or guiding us through state approval.
Soulsbyville School District freely recommends Aspen Street Architects.
The MACT Health Board, Inc. has been providing primary and preventive care to Native Americans in Mariposa, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties since 1979. From our experiences with renovation, expansion and construction of new facilities, I would be pleased to recommend consideration of Aspen Street Architects.
Aspen Street Architects provided professional and project management services for our newest medical facility in San Andreas, California, which was completed in December of 2012, on-time and under budget. We were so pleased with their work, they were hired again to provide architectural and construction management services at a two-phase remodel of our medical facility in Sonora, California. This project required "behind the scenes" work, so that we could remain open to see our patients during phase-one. Phase two required less than two weeks of clinic closure time to renovate the lobby and concurrently replace flooring throughout the facility. This project also was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Most recently, Aspen Street Architects provided professional services to build out a section of our administration building in Angels Camp for a future museum/culture center. As usual, the project was completed early and under budget.
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Aspen Street Architects. I have had the pleasure of working with Aspen Street Architects on multiple projects over a course of several years. I have always found their company to be responsive to the district needs, as well as quick to resolve any issues with contractors during the process. Aspen Street Architects are creative with design ideas and detailed in compliance with current codes and laws. 
Aspen Street Architects have helped the Twain Harte District with many projects including; restroom relocation and renovation, designing a new district office, earthwork and paving, building gym storage, purchasing and installing refrigeration, schoolwide fire alarm system upgrades and installation. As you see, Aspen Street Architects offer a wide range of abilities and services to their customers.
Aspen Street Architects has been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their services.
I have been working with Aspen Street Architects since September of 2008, when I started my tenure as the Superintendent of the Big Pine Unified School District. At that time ASAI was on contract for a track project, a boiler project and a paving project at the district. As the previous Superintendent left unexpectedly, there were many details needing review and action quickly when i stepped in. The boiler had completely broken down and there were classrooms without heat. ASAI staff guided the district with an expedited plan which resulted in an interim fix, additional critical hardship funding, and ultimately a boiler which is functioning well. 
I found all of the staff at ASAI extremely helpful and patient as I undertook the process of finding lost records and plans, and detailing with problems on the site. They arranged phone and in-person meetings quickly and efficiently. Andy Flies has visited the site on several occasions, and I have met with others of the team as well. I find the firm to be responsive as needed, despite our remote location. In some cases visits have been arranged with only a few days notice. I feel that there is personal attention and ownership of my projects by ASAI, and that they have gotten to know my small district well and appreciate its unique assets.
ASAI staff keeps abreast of the trends in school facility design, and they continue to revise their own work as ideas change. Currently ASAI is working with the district on an HVAC system. during the design phone the engineer suggested a completely new avenue to pursue on this project, and due to that suggestion the district will realize a significant dollar savings.
I am particularly indebted to ASAI staff for their assistance in pursuit of the best funding otions for our projects. Their staff researched, and subsequently increased, our modernization eligibility, and they have given me up to the minute advice regarding the need to get my projects on the State funded list. I recently met an officer from CASH who told me that very few districts in the State had taken advantage of that option, and commended our District for out actions. ASAI handles all of the paperwork to make this happen for us, a service that is invaluable.