Aspen Street Architects, Inc. is a full service Architectural / Interiors firm that has been in business in Calaveras County since 1982. ASAI’s practice is focused on the unique needs of rural and non-urban education and healthcare clients. We are experts at taking each project from funding through all phases of planning, design and construction.

Our Services are: Architecture Planning, Permanent Modular Construction, Needs and Option Reviews,

Accessibility, Sustainability, and Interior Design. To view more information on them please scroll below. 


Full service architecture; we can do as much or as little as you would like. We can assess your needs and help you reach a finished product with little to no effort on your part, or you can be intimately involved in the entire process. Our team prides itself on building long lasting relationships with our clients, you aren’t just a number to us. We will work with you in a collaborative design process that will help you to obtain the end result you need (even if you aren’t sure what that is or entails). From initial needs and options reviews, programming, schematic design, and 3D renderings, to complete construction documents including specifications, bidding, construction administration, and any other assistance or advice you may require. We seek to use the latest proven technology, while drawing on wisdom from the past, to give you a building that has a positive impact on all who interact with it.


Services including: Entitlements, Facilities Planning, Strategic Planning, and Master Planning (for both new construction and for long term goals).

We offer entitlement services for new construction, remodels, additions from small to large scales; picking up from our Needs and Options Review, we continue on to help you obtain local planning department approval while representing and preserving your needs.

Our Master Planning services are an excellent way to guide your project –whether it be a large facility, campus, or a phased project—so you can obtain your long term goals. All too often, Master Plans are completed then promptly placed on a shelf. Aspen Street Architects develops implementable plans and schedules for clients in a variety of sectors. Phasing projects, locating funding sources, contract negotiations, and exploring construction alternatives are just a few ways we work to develop comprehensive plans for implementation.


Not the flimsy double wide mobile home you may imagine, modern permanent modular construction is more akin to how cars are manufactured in a factory. The end product is indistinguishable from typical site construction and is still very adaptable to nearly any design (for some designs a mix of modular and site construction can be mixed to achieve the desired result). Built in a controlled environment by skilled craftsmen to a high quality and durability with tolerances rarely seen in site constructed buildings. There isn’t typically a savings in construction cost, but the fact that the building is being built while the site work is still in progress means that the finished product is ready to move into a lot sooner than possible with site construction. The schedule isn’t as affected by weather and the overall time spent at the site for construction is greatly reduced. If you can use your building months sooner, the cost savings is realized in that aspect. Modular constructing, surprisingly, allows you more flexibility in the future as well. Long open spans are possible and with moment frame systems, there are no interior columns necessary for up to 72’. The modules are on a raised foundation allowing for easily moving power, data, and even water locations. Cars were built using this process starting nearly 100 years ago, buildings can now capitalize on the same benefits.


If you aren’t sure what you need, what would be required if…, how much you can afford, are worried you are opening a can of worms, or are just generally undecided about which design or direction would be best for your project, we can help. It’s a big step and a big financial risk to start into a project without fully knowing what you are getting into, we help minimize that risk, and potentially save you lots of time and money, by providing our expertise at a very early stage with our Needs and Options Reviews. It’s a service that we provide that comes from our concern for our clients and our desire for them to realize their goals and dreams. We have seen and heard many horror stories over the years that would have had a fairly easy fix in their early stages. This service is small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are headed in the right direction. After that, this process naturally continues to the next stages of the project.


In addition to our standard integration of necessary and required accessibility elements into every design, we offer CASp surveys done by a Certified Access Specialist. Most people don’t realize that there is no “grandfather” clause in the ADA laws, if your building (even if it were constructed 100 years ago) doesn’t meet the regulations at this very moment, you are exposed to the potential for lawsuit. In the event you are involved in an ADA lawsuit, only a CASp can provide services that offer you “qualified defendant” status. However, this status is only provided if you obtain a report from a CASp and abide to a reasonable schedule of improvements prior to the filing of a lawsuit. In the event of a suit a “qualified defendant” may request a court stay to postpone legal proceedings and an early evaluation conference, and you may qualify for reduced damages (as outlined in SB 1186).


We are committed to providing you a quality building or space, this involves many intangibles of design which, though not necessarily visible, are important to many. One such intangible is our commitment to using sustainable and “green” products wherever feasible. Then there is the thought given to design, taking into account the location, building orientation, and other site particular factors that make your project well suited to its site. This can take the form of passive features such as sun shading, or even psychological factors such as creating a comfortable and healing environment by the use of color, natural daylighting, sound transmission reduction, among other things.


Our in house Interiors Department is dedicated to creating intelligent work places that deliver added value to your business, increased productivity and reducing costs. We offer, Interior Design, Furniture & Furnishings, Space Planning, Color Pallet and Finishes, 3D renderings And Project Management.