Permanent Modular Construction

Not the flimsy double wide mobile home you may imagine, modern permanent modular construction is more akin to how cars are manufactured in a factory. The end product is indistinguishable from typical site construction and is still very adaptable to nearly any design (for some designs a mix of modular and site construction can be mixed to achieve the desired result). Built in a controlled environment by skilled craftsmen to a high quality and durability with tolerances rarely seen in site constructed buildings. There isn’t typically a savings in construction cost, but the fact that the building is being built while the site work is still in progress means that the finished product is ready to move into a lot sooner than possible with site construction. The schedule isn’t as affected by weather and the overall time spent at the site for construction is greatly reduced. If you can use your building months sooner, the cost savings is realized in that aspect. Modular constructing, surprisingly, allows you more flexibility in the future as well. Long open spans are possible and with moment frame systems, there are no interior columns necessary for up to 72’. The modules are on a raised foundation allowing for easily moving power, data, and even water locations. Cars were built using this process starting nearly 100 years ago, buildings can now capitalize on the same benefits.

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