Prototypes for Ambulatory Surgery Centers


Aspen Street Architects has designed various prototypes for ambulatory surgery centers for development/construction across the United States. ASAi, collaborating with a healthcare component building manufacturer (Modern Renovators, Inc.) and a healthcare equipment vendor/consultant (World Medical Equipment Inc.), has developed 2 and 4 operating room Sugery Centers for expedited construction and commissioning. New prototype models include options for additional treatment and/or exam rooms as required by prospective clients. All models include a flexible floor plans for expansion capability (pre/post op beds, central sterile sizing, storage capcity, operating room additions, exam room additions, etc) in the future. Design utilizes most efficient layout to minimize building mass and reduce construction costs. Operational flow was key to an efficient design. ASAi worked with equipment vendors and room design to reduce unused area and optimize space for required equipment. Costs varied depending on layout.

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