Orchard Hospital (Previously-Biggs Gridley Memorial Hospital) Facelift


ASAi’s new façade for Biggs Gridley is starting to take shape. The Emergency Department and Radiology Addition that is scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 2014 has begun its approval process through the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). This addition will more than triple the hospital’s ability to provide emergency medical services to the local community. In an effort to expedite the construction process to ensure the service is provided as quickly as possible, Aspen Street has designed the addition to be of modular components, built in a factory to precise California Building Code standards while the site work is underway in Gridley. Once the units are complete, they’ll be shipped to the site and assembled on the constructed foundation, knit together and finished in half the time of traditional construction. This is identical to the methods used in the hospital ASAi designed for Mercy Joplin that replaced their destroyed hospital in the EF-5 Tornado that ripped through Missouri in 2011.
To prepare for the new ED Biggs Gridley is currently undergoing a series of smaller projects, such as a replacement of their Medical Gas Systems, a new Entry Canopy, the installation of a new Chiller, and the relocation of their existing imaging trailer. Aspen Street is handling the design and construction administration of all these projects.
The new ED and Radiology Addition is also the first piece in a much larger masterplan. Beginning at the end of 2012, Aspen Street has been working with the hospital on options to address the impending OSHPD and SB1953 deadlines. Currently their existing facilities are allowed to operate in an acute care status until 2030. The challenge is to develop a plan for beyond 2030 and how the hospital can get there. Please stay tuned for the unveiling of the hospital’s masterplan later this year.

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