Biggs Gridely Memorial hospital, Gridley CA


Aspen Street Architects has been working at Biggs Gridley Memorial Hospital for the past 15 years. Early on, ASAi re-designed an Emergency Department that would better accommodate the needs and respond to the growing needs of the migrant worker . We are also currently contracted for an outpatient clinic renovation project, and for the development of a new Registration/Lobby renovation and new ER/Radiology wing.
The renovations to the Clinic (approximately 5,500 square feet of a 10,000 square foot building) include wholehouse modifications from an administrative open cubicle area into a multi specialty clinic with individual exam room pods – grouping 4 to 5 exam rooms with a separate nurses station and support spaces to maximize operational efficiency. Specialty functions such as diagnostic imaging are included with a radio/fluoro/mammography suite.
The renovations and component expansion of the ER/Radiology departments includes all public spaces and the addition of a seven bed Emergency Department along with new CT and RF rooms and equipment. All of the addition will be conditioned by freestanding equipment and emergency power will be provided by a stand-alone generator.

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